More Awkward Pregnancy Photos

I can't get enough of these ridiculous, funny and awkward pregnancy photos. I think you can't either! I have posted about these photo poses before, but I have to show you more. Please check out my first Awkward Pregnancy Photos post HERE. Enjoy!

That is a lot of photoshopping.

Be afraid?

Oh my.

Can't stop the chores even to take a professional photo.


Peek-A-Boo, I see you!

Look at her belly or I'll shoot you!

Is that the Daddy?

Yeah, that is all we need to see of her in the photo.  This pregnancy is all about me.

Maybe my friends will wish me a Merry Christmas like this too!

1 comment:

  1. These are just wrong on so many levels...

    It's Courtney from The Brown Girl with Long Hair blog, stopping by to also follow you via Google Friends Connect, too.

    Enjoy your Mother's Day weekend! <3


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