Top Food Gear For Babies

If you've tried to get your baby to eat and have had no success, know that you are not alone.  Here are some top food aids from that will help you get your Swanky Baby to eat. 

This deluxe baby food maker lets you steam and puree all under 15 minutes. It also has an "easy clip" system for one-handed use, a patented built-in steam heating system and an auto shut-off safety feature.

Sili Squeeze - $15.99
The Sili Squeeze is intended for beginning eaters (around 6 -9 months) and growing toddlers. With with a leak-proof cap, it is intended for pureed foods such as smoothies, fruit and vegetable blends,  yogurt and applesauce.

It steam heats bottles and baby food and the warming chamber fits most bottle types and includes a basket for baby food jars.

Each compartment fits up to one cup of food, and the loop cap makes it a breeze to hook on a bag or stroller.  Plus after eating, it gives baby something to play with while you are out.

This is a one stop unit that presses your delicious, homemade baby food into easy to store and ready to serve pouches. Squeeze up to 3 pouches at one time!


MixieBaby - $25.00

Fix the formula into the compartment, add water, and take it to go. When your baby is hungry, press the button and shake to get a freshly mixed bottle.
This 2-in-1 chopper and steamer chops with a single hand motion and steams quickly in the microwave so you can prepare homemade baby food for your baby.
There are more wonderful food gear listed in their article.  If you want to see more, please click HERE.

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