Music Apps For Kids

There are so many fun apps for babies and kids, especially some fun music apps.  PopSugar Moms put together list a of music apps for kids of all ages and I wanted to share it with you.

age 2+
Play with sounds and explore popular tunes, colors, instruments… and turn your keyboard into a rainbow! Kids can either play their own tune or follow the "magic stars" to learn how to play one of the programmed songs.
age 4+
This unique app for iPad combines art and sound to create an entrancing interface that keeps your child's brain stimulated.


age 5+
It's the perfect introduction to classical music for children aged 5 and above. Find out where you hear music, who writes it and what all the instruments sound like. Meet the great composers and be wowed by the orchestra. 

ages 7+
It's like Guitar Hero, but in roller-coaster form. Your child can adjust the levels of difficulty and follows the winding coaster to the beat of the music.

ages 8+
It combines the wonder of gaming and puzzles with the wonder of music. Your child has to bounce, launch, and shoot fleas from various musical instruments in order to solve the puzzle of creating the perfect symphony.

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