10 Worst Questions To Ask A New Mom

Where does your baby sleep? Are you nursing? Those were just some of the qustions I really disliked being asked when I was a new mom.  I felt there was no purpose to knowing and if I gave an answer they didn't like then I going to have to hear their opinion of why I should or shouldn't do it that way. 
As if life with a new baby wasn't stressful enough.

Cafemom.com listed 10 questions you should never ask a new mom.  These questions are so true and I bet there are few others not listed that you were asked. Please share your worst questions too!

1. Are you still breastfeeding?

2. When are you going to have another baby?

3. Did you lose all the baby weight?

4. Does she have teeth yet? Is she crawling? Is she talking? 

5. Did you sign her up for classes?

6. How do you like being a mom?

7. You're picking her up again?

8. Did you have a natural child birth?

9. Do you like being a working mom/stay at home mom?

10. Do you and your husband/partner ever get out?

Nicole Fabian-Webber wrote this post on cafemom.com and also added her hilarious commentary on each question. Please click HERE to read it.

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