Kindergarten In An Airplane

Looking for a fun kindergarten to send your kids?  You may want to send them to the country of Georgia after you see this cool kindertgarten!

Gari Chapidze, a headteacher in Rustavi, Georgia bought an old, but fully functional Yakovlev
Yak-42 airplane from Georgia Airways and turned it into a kindgarten classroom for his students. He thought the first day of kindergarten is overwhelming enough, that he wanted to make it an experience for his students to look forward to.

Chapidze refurbished the interior of the plane with educational equipment, games and toys, but left the cockpit panel intact so they could be used as play tools.  There are more than one thousand five hundred buttons and levers to play with!

"The idea was to create a kindergarten where children go with joy," Chapidze said.

Photo Credit - Vano Shlamov / AFP - Getty Images

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