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If you like reading blogs and are looking for some new ones, why not check out some Dad blogs? Dad blogs are definitely changing the view of fatherhood from 'dad doesn't know what he is doing' to a more realistic view. put together a list of the top 50 dad blogs. Their list features straight dads, gay dads, working dads, stay-at-home dads, geek dads, single dads, and more.  I've listed just the top 10 blogs below (and's description). Happy blog reading!

Black Hockey Jesus
1. Black Hockey Jesus - He’s a recovering alcoholic, funny, wise, and a very good writer.

2. How To Be Dad - This is less a site about how to be a dad than a site about how not to be one.

3. Sweet Juniper - The content here is less parent blog and more of a parent-themed issue of The New Yorker: it’s smart, witty, and unfailingly interesting.

4. DadCentric - The father of this blog describes his blog as “a junta of smart, edgy, and talented writer-dads, at the forefront of a revolution whose purpose is to overthrow the outdated notions of fatherhood,”

5. Lesbian Dad - The term “lesbian dad” refers to the half of a lesbian couple who fulfills the parenting role traditionally associated with the father.Sleekly designed and smartly written, it is a great resource for lesbian parents and those who want to know more about their experiences.

6. Dad Wagon - The three dads behind this prodigious skill set show in the quality of the writing. The categories are funny (“Dad + Gadget = Fail,” “Bad Dads We Love,” “The Tantrum,” “Actual Advice,” and our personal fave, “What Almost Made Me Cry Today”).

7. Out-Numbered - Out-Numbered is Jason Mayo, and Jason Mayo is outnumbered. He’s married and has two daughters, making his the only Y chromosome in the household.

8. Wired's GeekDad - There’s a ton of content on the tech-obsessed blog (stated mission: Raising Geek Generation 2.0), and a lot of it hews to expectations.

Dad Labs
9. MetroDad - Catch the fun as this sybaritic 43-year-old New Yorker transitions from 
jet-setter to diaper changer.

10. Dad Labs - Dad Labs claims to be “taking back paternity,” and indeed the site is all about grabbing fatherhood by the horns.

Please click HERE to see all 50 dad blogs.

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