Most Outrageous Baby Names Of 2012

The baby naming website released their most outrageous baby names of 2012 and I bet you will agree with some of them.  Ok, most of them!

Blue - Although her parents tried, Jay-Z and Beyonce were denied a trademark for Blue Ivy's name.

Katniss - Nameberry says this was the most-viewed and clicked-on name suggestion on their site. If you are not sure why, you didn't see The Hunger Games.

Hashtag - These parents must love Twitter, to name their baby Hashtag Johnson.

Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson Uma Thurman might have been following British royal tradition by giving not just two middle names, but four!

Zamzam - This baby's mom is the Somali Olympian runner who finished last on the track and refused to break her Ramadan fast for the competition.

Maxwell - This girls name was used by two different celebrities in the past year.  Jessica Simpson and Lindsay Sloane.

Beretta -  Levi Johnston (think Bristol Palin's baby daddy) and Sunny Oglesby named their daughter  Breeze Beretta Johnston. Beretta, yes as in the gun.

Kingsolomon -   Among the five boys named Kingsolomon, there are other children named Kingdavid, Princemichael, Sircharles, and Milady.  How royal.

Vanellope - Did you know that Vanellope von Schweetzis one of the leading characters in Wreck-It Ralph?  Interesting choice.

Mykale and Linzi -  Familiar names are one of America’s most outrageous baby name trends of 2012.  Yes, these are new spellings for Michael and Lindsey.

Sabbath -  The father of little Sabbath Page Wielandt Wylde is hard rocker Zakk Wylde, of the heavy metal band Black Sabbath.  The Page part honors legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, and Wielandt is Wylde’s original surname.

Kick -  Kick is the middle name chosen by Law and Order’s Jeremy Sisto for his son Bastian.

What do you think about these names?

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