Animal Sandwiches

Our little Swanky Babies go from eating puree to solids quick and here are some fun ways to get them to eat it all up! Hopefully this will help our little picky eaters too!

The Happy Caterpillar
How to make it: Using a cookie cutter, cut round shapes from sandwiches for the body, quarter a cucumber for the legs, use a cherry tomato for the head and add onion eyes and mouth and scallion antennas.

Half of a Giraffe
How to make it: Use a white bread sandwich to make the giraffe’s head, and whole-wheat bread to make the spots. Use green pepper pieces to make the eyes and adorable smile.

Hello Kitty Sandwich
How to make it: Cut out kitty’s head from a white bread sandwich. Use green pepper and provolone cheese to form her eyes, whiskers and nose, and cut a tomato and ham into triangular shapes for her pretty bow.

A Real Hoot
How to make it: Cut the oval shape from a whole-wheat bread sandwich to form the owl’s body, and use bread scraps for the wings. A strip of white bread down the center makes the belly feathers. Sliced provolone cheese, chives and carrots form his eyes, nose and feet. And don’t forget his breadstick perch!

Shark Bite
How to make it: Cut white bread into a circular shape, using the extra scraps to make the shark’s sharp fins and tail. Add cucumber eyes and jaws, and you’ve got one scary snack.
Have fun making these adorable sandwiches and if you want to see more from iVillage please click HERE.

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