Stroller Cleaning Services - UPDATE!

I wrote about Stroller Cleaning services about a year ago and a lot of you seemed very interested in it.  I was just contacted by the Founder and CEO of Stroller Spa (formerly Buggy Bubbles) to inform you of their name change, new locations and franchise opportunities!

Stroller Spa -  not only cleans and details your strollers and car seats, but they will also fix broken brakes, bent chassis’, flat tires, torn fabric and more. Stroller Spa soon added The Stroller Exchange, Rental Services, and Bubble Wrapped! – Baby Gear Storage Solutions programs. Please click on their website to see all of their services!
Locations - Starting in San Francisco they are now in: San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Orange County, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and later this Spring: Austin Texas, Toronto Canada, Westchester NY and Miami FL.

Stroller Spa Franchise Opportunities - Be a part of Stroller Spa! The fun, fulfilling, family-friendly company that created the stroller and car seat detail + repair industry!  They have low start up fees, very little overhead, and extreme flexibility make this opportunity ideal for entrepreneurial parents! Make your own hours, earn extra $$$, help other families, and carve your own niche into one of the fastest growing industries! Please click HERE to learn more about their franchise opportunites.

Stroller Cleaning Services Original Post -
Have you ever cleaned your kids stroller? I mean, really cleaned it? No matter how clean you try to be, your kids stroller and car seat is a magnet for mold and fungus and it is the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

For those of you who now have some deep cleaning to do and just dont have the time, stroller cleaning services are popping up everywhere. These companies use non-toxic chemicals to steam clean your kids strollers or car seats.  Some are mobile services and others will have you drop them off and pick up the next day, especially if repairs are needed too.

Here are some of the services that I have found if you are interested - - Located in the Los Angeles area. A lot of celebrities use this company too! - Multiple locations throughout Arizona - Located throughout New York - for my readers living in Australia - for my readers in England - for my readers in South Africa

Would you use a Stroller Cleaning service?


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