Weird & Creepy Baby Shower Cakes

Dreaming of what your baby shower will be like?  You picture all of your close family and friends watching you open your gifts while they enjoy some cake.  Well, they might not ask for a piece of cake when they see these crazy and creepy cakes. I saw these cakes on the blog Pregnant Chicken and had to share some of them with you all.  Enjoy.

Yummm Yum, C-section cake!

So, is that supposed to be a baby on a T.V.?  I wonder what the theme of the shower was.

Just too creepy to eat. 

Perfect for that 1970's themed baby shower!

I can't even imagine this at my baby shower.

Perfect if all the guests are teenage boys!

"I'll take a slice of butt please."

Not all cakes are made from flour and sugar.  Doesn't a meatloaf and bacon cake sound delish!?!?!
 I hope you laughed as hard as I did seeing these.  If you would like to see the rest, please click HERE.

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