Halloween Candy Calories

Yep, I am going to ruin Halloween in one simple blog post. I saw this in Womans Day magazine and had to pass it on to you.  If you are always complaining about not losing all the baby weight like I do, then this is something to help you reach your goal.  At least these are all under 100 calories!

Almond Joy (snack size)              Mounds (snack size)
80 calories                                   80 calories

Baby Ruth (fun size)                   Reese's Peanut Butter Cup (miniature)
83 calories                                   36 calories

Butterfinger (fun size)                Skittles (fun size)
85 calories                                   60 calories

Kit Kat (miniature)                     Snickers (fun size)
42 calories                                  71 calories

M&M's (milk choc., fun size)       3 Musketeers (fun size)
60 calories                                  63 calories

M&M's (peanut, fun size)            Twix (fun size)
70 calories                                   80 calories

Milky Way (fun size)                   Twizzlers (strawberry, 3 twists)
80 calories                                   100 calories

I would also like to pass along a friends blog called "Britney's Beauty Blog". http://www.britneysbeautyblog.com/.
She gives an opinionated beauty, hair, make-up, skin, fitness and fashion advice.  It is a fun blog and she is currently featuring the new MAC Venomous Villians Collection. Check it out! 

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