Ending the Nighttime Bottle {Advice Time!}

When did you end the bedtime bottle?  Did your baby have a hard time with it? Did your baby sleep well afterwards? Would you mind giving us their age when they went off the bottle too?

Here is some advice from a few of our readers!  Be sure to share your advice too by leaving a comment.  I'll add it to our post.

Great question. My baby is 1 year old now and her pediatrician just told me to stop giving her milk before bed. She has 8 teeth now. I hope to hear a great solution to getting this done!

Before turning 1, A&E used to take a bottle at bedtime, too. At our 1-year check-up, dr. wanted us to stop with all bottles, especially the one at bedtime. We gave them milk at dinner time and then made sure they would drink water before going to bed, so the milk didn't sit on their teeth all night.
I would advise giving her milk with dinner, that way she is still getting her milk in the evening, but not at bedtime, nor sitting on her teeth all night.

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