Wipe Out Diaper Need Diaper Drive

Did you know-
*That 1 in 3 families struggle to pay for diapers?

* More than 5 million children in this country don't have regular access to diapers?

*Diapers can not be purchased with food stamps?  

*A parent who can't provide diapers, can't send their child to daycare?  (Most daycare facilities will not accept cloth diapers)

*More than 5 million children are at risk for infection, rash, and other health issues due to lack of diapers

*Infants and toddlers require between eight to twelve diapers a day, at a cost of $70-80 per month?

The National Diaper Bank Network, the Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses and other partners like Huggies Every Little Bottom, have created the Healthy Mom & Baby Wipe Out Diaper Need Campaign.  Their goal is to provide 100,000 diapers to families in need and you can help!

The diaper drive will run through September, and will conclude with "Diaper Need Awareness Week" from September 28 to October 4.

You can help parents in desperate need to provide diapers for their child by easily donating diapers or money to a Diaper Bank.  Did you know that $1 can buy 6 diapers at wholesale? 

You can find your local diaper bank HERE and then proudly list your donation on their website!  There are many places, such as mother's groups, women's shelters, and religious and civic groups often accept diaper donations. If you've donated to one of these places, please add it to their donation list.

Number of child deaths left in hot cars on the rise

I wrote this post 5 years ago in August when sadly there had already been 28 deaths from babies being left in hot cars. Unfortunately again, the 2014 ended in 32 deaths and in 2013 had 44 deaths total. 

As of July 27, 2015 there has already been 11 child/baby deaths from leaving them in hot cars.

Here are the previous years facts from kidsandcars.org:
•Child vehicular heat stroke deaths for 2015:  11  (as of 7/27/15)
• Child vehicular heat stroke deaths for 2014:  32
• Child vehicular heat stroke deaths for 2013:  44
• Child vehicular heat stroke deaths for 2012:  33
• Child vehicular heat stroke deaths for 2011 : 33
• Child vehicular heat stroke deaths for 2010:  49
• Child vehicular heat stroke deaths for 2009:  33
• Child vehicular heat stroke deaths through 2013: well over 719
• Average number of child vehicular heat stroke deaths per year since 1998: 38 (one every 9 days)
• The highest number of fatalities for a one-year time period took place in 2010: 49

This summer is going to be HOT! Please, please unbuckle your baby and take them out of the car even if you are just running that "quick" errand. It isn't worth it!!! 

Did you know that on average, 38 children die in hot cars each year from hyperthermia (heat stroke)after being trapped inside motor vehicles?  The year is only half over and there have been this sad amount of deaths already! These incidents can occur on days with relatively mild (i.e., ~ 70 degrees F) temperatures and that vehicles can reach life-threatening temperatures (up to 120 degrees) very rapidly. - information from the Dept. of Geosciences.

Did you know they sell devices that can help prevent this? Here are a couple of devices that can help keep babies safe and not left in a hot car.

ChildMinder Elite Pad Twin System
 An alarm sounds in six seconds after a parent or caregiver walks more than fifteen (15) feet
from a vehicle while the child remains seated in the child safety seat.

When the driver's door is opened a verbal command instantly reminds the driver
to check the rear seat for a small child or pet.
If you don't have an electronic sensor then follow this simple tip to prevent leaving your child in the car - leave your diaper bad, purse or briefcase in the back seat while you drive. This will make you open the back door to get the bag and you will then see the baby too.

Here are some more tips from kidsandcars.org - http://www.kidsandcars.org/userfiles/dangers/heat-stroke-safety-tips.pdf

Baby Essentials Giveaway!!


Welcome to The Baby Essentials Giveaway! We're giving away $170 worth of baby items and (2) $10 Target gift cards! Read on to find out how to enter.
Hosted by Sunshine N Savings

Having a baby is a precious and wonderful gift... but babies are expensive! Yikes! I started my coupon journey four years ago when I found out I was expecting my first child. I was excited but scared and worried about the finances. My husband and I thought it'd be in our best interest to purchase diapers, wipes and things we'd need for the baby through my pregnancy so that we were stocked fairly well. $11 for diapers. Eleven dollars for 36 diapers that my baby will use in the first 48 hours. At that rate, I would have been spending $165 or more on just diapers! That wasn't going to work. I got online and I researched and fell onto a couponing site. Diapers for just three dollars! I'm sold, tell me more! I read every tutorial I could, watched every video and finally I went into CVS with a smile and a lot of hope. (I only had $20 in my pocket, this HAD to work) I walked out of the store that day with four packs of diapers, change from my twenty and ExtraBucks (like CVS store credit). I was hooked. By the time I had my son, I had almost enough diapers for his first year of life. Our closet was stuffed with diapers, wipes, creams, food, clothes and toys for the baby and I wasn't in financial ruin. I was happy. I could spend the next few months focusing on the little miracle I had just met. You don't have to spend a lot of money to provide for your baby, your kids or even yourself. The items below retail for $170! I paid about $40 for it all. The Carters outfits were FREE from JCPenney, I used coupons on the diapers, wipes and cream! The toys were paid for with overage. The books were on clearance for $0.75. My goal is to teach YOU how to save money by couponing and shopping smart.


Now onto the Giveaway! Here's what one lucky winner will get! (2nd and 3rd Prize winners will each receive a $10.00 Target Gift Card)
  • (4) Playtext VentAire Bottles
  • (1) 6-9 Months Girls Onesie (not pictured)
  • (1) 6-9 Months Boys Onesie (not pictured)
  • (1) Baby Wipe Container
  • (1) Pack Huggies Baby Wipes (not pictured)
  • (1) Boudreaux Rash Preventor
  • (3) Hardcover Books
  • (1) Carter's 3 Months Girls Outfit
  • (1) Carter's 3 Months Boys Outfit
  • (1) Cookie Monster Bib
  • (1) Cookie Monster Baby Toy
  • (1) Playtex Training Cup Girls
  • (1) Playtex Training Cup Boys (not pictured)
  • (1) Tena 26 ct Liners (for mom after pregnancy)
  • (1) Carter's Plush Toy (rocks and chimes)
  • (1) Spin & Shake Teether
  • (2) Size 1 Huggies Diapers
  • (1) Binky
  • (1) Blanket
  • (1) Bath Toy
This Giveaway will run from 7/20 - 7/29 10PM EST. Make sure to complete as many of the entries below as possible for the BEST chance at winning! We also have a bonus entry you can do every single day! (Bonus Entry: Tweeting a message about the Giveaway!) No entries are mandatory. How would you like to win The Baby Essentials Giveaway? Enter below and Good Luck! (Please keep in mind that while you may not need these items, you could always enter to win and donate the items to a local shelter in need) a Rafflecopter giveaway Giveaway is open to US residents, ages 18+. Winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. Giveaway ends July 29th, 2015 at 10:00PM EST Disclosure: I have not been compensated for this post. Sunshine N Savings will always provide honest opinions, beliefs or experiences on products reviewed. We will only recommend products or services that we feel are of benefit to our readers. Sunshine N Savings will be responsible for prize fulfillment. This event is in no way associated with, sponsored, administered, or endorsed by Twitter, Google, Pinterest or any other social media network. If you have any questions, please contact me girlnamedjax {at} gmail {dot} com. The disclosure is done in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 10 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

More Celebrity Nurseries

A few years ago I did a post with some beautifully decorated nurseries for celebrity babies and it's time to share more gorgeous rooms!  If you would like to see my first celebrity nursery post, please click HERE.   Enjoy these nurseries!

Mel B

Sean "Diddy" Combs
Laila Ali


Kortney Kardashian

Mariah Carey

Mario Lopez
Tori Spelling

Strange and Worst Baby Names of 2014

A few weeks back I had listed the most popular names from the Social Security lists of 2014.  Now  Nameberry.com listed what they think are the 12 worst names given in 2014.  To make the list, at least five babies have to be given this name for the first time in 2014. What do you think of these names?

Billion - 5 boys were named last year and 11 boys were named Million. 

Lay - This name given to 7 baby girls last year.
Londynne - The name London has made a comeback, but apparently this new spelling of it wasn't a hit.
Mickinley  - More spelling variation and there were also 5 girls named Kennydi.
Ruckus - Given to 8 babies in 2014.
Swastik - Given to 7 boys. Ugh.
Wimberly - I guess they were not quite wanting Kimberly?

Red Nose Day

If you have been watching NBC, shopping in Walgreen's or eating M&M's, you most likely have heard about Red Nose Day.  According to their website-  It is a campaign dedicated to raising money for children and young people living in poverty by simply having fun and making people laugh. Helping children by raising money and having fun? Sounds like a good idea to me!

50% of the grant money will be used to help children and young people in the United States.       
The other 50% of the grant money will be spent in some of the poorest communities in the world in Asia, Africa & Latin America.   The money will be used to help keep kids safe, educated and keep them healthy.

There are many ways you can help raise money in your community. If you are interested please click HERE to see their fundraising ideas.  Don't forget to buy your red nose at Walgreen's too!

Right now you can watch Nick Cannon complete a 24 hour dance-a-thon to help raise money for Red Nose Day. 

Also, Matt Lauer completed his Tour de Red Nose by cycling 226 grueling miles across four states in five days. All to help raise money to help children.

Don't miss the show! Tonight will be a three-hour celebrity filled entertainment show all to raise money for kids in poverty. It will feature superstar actors, comedians and musicians, original sketch comedy, hilarious parodies and amazing musical performances.  Sounds like a fun show for the whole family and call in to donate too!

If you want to donate to help these children please go to: www.rednoseday.org

Toy Car Storage

Do you have little cars all over your house? How many cars have you stepped on? :)  Here are some really smart ways to keep those toy cars in one place.

1. Magnetic Knife Holder - An inexpensive magnetic knife holder (like from IKEA) is the perfect way to store your kid's cars.

2. Toilet Paper Roll Garage - this is too cute and probably fun to make with your little one! Start saving those toilet paper rolls!

3. Buckets hanging on a pole- A simple bucket might be easier for the kids to put those cars away.

4. Short shelves - Lining them on shelves is a good way to get them off of the floor.
5. Caddy - Besides being portable, this caddy limits the amount of cars that are out at one time. (They have a tutorial on their website if you want to make one like this!)

6. Kitchen Canisters - Clear kitchen canisters are the perfect storage solution for crayons, figurines and, yes, mini cars.

7. Lay-N-Go - Nothing can be easier than this! The kids can play and then put those cars away quick!


5. Vintage Crate - A vintage crate (which they added casters to in this picture) is the perfect setting for old-fashioned-looking cars. It's also a great option for other well-loved toys like Legos and blocks. The best part? It's too heavy to dump!

Let us know if you store those little toy cars in something else! Send pictures too!

Your Pregnant Belly Is Too Big When...

One of the birth clubs at babycenter.com came up with a hilarious, but true list of when you know your pregnant  belly became huge. Here is what they had to say....   Enjoy!

  1. every door you open (car, bedroom, kitchen cupboards) all hit you in the stomach.
  2. your 4 year-old stands right in front of you and you can’t see her under your bump.
  3. you go to Olive Garden and can’t fit in the booth.
  4. you have to sit down to put on pants.
  5. rolling over in bed takes multiple maneuvers.
  6. your 3 year-old bounces off your stomach like a bouncy ball when you turn quickly, not realizing he’s there.
  7. you attempt to walk through a space and realize your belly is stuck.
  8. you can’t put your shoes on without help or a chair to elevate your feet.
  9. you can balance a plate or your tablet comfortably on your stomach as you sit.
  10. it’s hard to wipe after you pee.
  11. taking a shower becomes a workout.
  12. you cry because you dropped something on the ground.
  13. you can’t close your legs comfortably as you sit because your belly is in the way.
  14. every shirt you own starts looking like Miley Cyrus’ wardrobe.
  15. you feel like a turtle stuck on your shell trying to get off the couch or out of bed.
  16. you’ve perfected the art of doing most things sideways…cooking, dishes, laundry, because there’s no other way to reach.
  17. you walk in a room everyone’s eyes bulge out of their heads because they are afraid you are going to go into labor any moment, even though you have over a month left.
  18. you can’t  turn around in a bathroom stall.
  19. you park your car and the side mirrors are too close and you can’t get out.
  20. you have to shave by memory.
  21. you try to hug and kiss your husband and your bellies touch first.
  22. your 3 year-old gets mad every time he tries to sit in your lap because he keeps falling off due to your belly taking up all the space.
  23. you can’t reach the clothes in the bottom of the washer.

Most popular names of 2014

Every year the Social Security Administration releases its list of the most popular baby names  and here are the names of 2014.  This past year the most popular girls name was Emma and Noah for boys.  Here is a list of the rest of the popular names of 2014.   I wonder if Charlotte will bump up to
#1 next year?


1. Emma
2. Olivia
3. Sophia
4. Isabella
5. Ava
6. Mia
7. Emily
8. Abigail
9. Madison
10. Charlotte


1. Noah
2. Liam
3. Mason
4. Jacob
5. William
6. Ethan
7. Michael
8. Alexander
9. James
10. Daniel

What NOT To Buy Mom For Mother's Day

Mother's Day is in 6 days, so moms still have time to ask or hint for the perfect gift. Here is an oh-so-true list of what NOT to buy mom for Mother's Day.  Be sure to pass this list on to your family to make sure mom is treated right! 

Diet Books or Exercise Equipment
Should not even be a thought.
Bubble Bath Gift Basket
I think a massage gift card would be A LOT better.

World's Best Mom Jewelry or Clothing
and definitely not if it has bling.

Cleaning Supplies
Kitchen Appliances
I am sure she would love to use her gift to make everyone else meals with
Anything Dad Really Wants
I'm sure a few moms have received these gifts.
A Snuggie
A New Puppy or Kitten
Mom doesn't need to continuously clean up after her own gift!
Miracle Cream
Clothing That Is The Wrong Size
If you don't know her size, don't even try to buy it
And Anything Like This
I can't even imagine.

Do you have any other gift ideas that should be on this list and NOT given to Mom?  Share!

Getting Rid of the Pacifier - Advice Time!

Time to give your advice (and to take if you need it!) for this hot topic....Getting rid of the pacifier.

Please share any tips, tricks and what has worked for you when you had to take the pacifier away from your Swanky Baby.   I'll be adding your advice to this post, thanks!

Here is some advice from our readers, but we always love more! Thank you for sharing!

*New York State of Mom said...
We just took it away one day and that was that, it might have helped that it was around the same time we introduced the 1st stages sippy cups. With my neice she was addicted to her paci but loved to feel like she made her own choices so my brother gave her the "You're a big girl now" speach and let her decide to throw it away together. It worked (she was about 18mo) my son was around 6mo.

*Sandy @ The Mommy's Place said...
My 3 boys never really liked the pacifier. I always tried to give it to them and they spit it out.
If I had to give a suggestion just give them something like a sippy cup to replace the pacifier during the day.

*Klove said...
I've heard if you make a it more of a "we're giving this to a baby to use since you're a big boy/girl now" type of thing it works.

*Lil' Man's Mom said...
When my son named his binky I thought we were in for a rough time....
He had it for way too long, almost 2 years, but when I was done, I was done. When "E" went the way of the Monday morning trash truck one day there were no issues. Lil' man was old enough that he knew how to calm himself. We just told him that "E" was gone and wouldn't be coming back and avoided the baby aisle in stores for a long time!
I think If your child is old enough to know you are serious and it's NOT coming back they can cope....if they know you are wishy washy and feel guilty your child will react accordingly.

Kim ~ One Nutty Mama -
My sister had a tough time getting rid of pacifiers. So one day she got a bunch of balloons and tied the pacifiers to them. She told her them 3 year old that they were going to send them to the Paci Fairy so she can give them to other babies. She let the 3 yr old hold them balloons and let them go. When it came time for her 2 yr old son to get rid of them we put them in a box and "sent" them to a new baby. I never had a problem with the pacifier. My kid's either never took one at all, or played with it like a toy, only my oldest two actually used them. One day around 1 yr they both just tossed it out. My oldest threw it out the window on the interstate.. waving bye bye at it for miles and the other threw them into the trash, saying no baby. Her sister had been giggling at her for using a paci and I guess she had enough of it.

Michelle said...
We get rid of the pacifier at 18 months. I choose the day and that in the morning I let my little one watch me cut the nipple off. All day I let them play with the handle part-boy are they confused at first! And then they think it's funny. The first bed time isn't easy, but they know the binkies gone because they've played with it that way all day.

Grandma and Grandpa Name Alternatives

When I was in the hospital after delivering our baby, my parents and in-laws were sitting in the waiting room deciding what they each wanted to be called by their grandchild.  They each picked their name and they all ended up picking a different one. My Swanky Baby now calls our parents Grandma, Grandpa, Pops and Mimi! Do your parents each have different titles?

On the Ellen show, NeNe Leakes from The Real Housewives of Atlanta had talked about her grandchild being born last year.  She also told her that isn't a Grandma, but a Glamma. Many grandparents choose names that work best for them instead of the usual Grandma and Grandpa title.

Here are some alternative names to Grandma and Grandpa from babycenter.com, in case your family is looking for something different to be called.

Me with my grandparents.
Popular grandmother names

Popular grandfather names

Creative, unique grandmother nicknames
Big Mama
Bubbe / Bubbie / Bubby
Deedee / Didi

Creative, unique grandfather nicknames
Big Daddy / Big Papi
Big Dawg
Stud Pa


When your kiddo is complaining that the cereal is too soggy and they won't eat it anymore, there is now a way to solve that.  The Obol is a cereal bowl that divides the cereal from the milk with a spiral slide in the middle. 

The bowl is easy to hold or you can set it down to finish what you were doing without anything getting soggy!  It has textured non-slip grip and rim making it easy to eat anywhere. The Obol is designed and manufactured in the United States and is made from food safe BPA free unbreakable polypropylene.

Perfect for dipping cookies or chips and salsa!
The bowl is $18.95 is if you buy the 3 pack they will give you free shipping.  Click HERE to read more.

The Shoe That Grows

The Shoe That Grows is an amazing shoe that grows and adjusts to five sizes and will last five years. Why is a shoe that keeps getting bigger so important?  After reading about the shoe on  theshoethatgrows.org, I wanted to let you know.  The information I am sharing is from their website.

The Shoe That Grows started when Founder and Executive Director Kenton Lee was living and working in Nairobi, Kenya and while walking to church, he noticed a little girl who had shoes that were way to small for her feet.  He created a shoe that can expand to their feet size for five years and the next size up will last another five years. It is a patented design of an innovative shoe that adjusts and expands and was developed in part by a shoe development company in the Northwest called Proof of Concept.

The shoe comes in two sizes: Small and Large.  Each size grows 5 sizes and lasts at least 5 years.
Small = Grows 5 sizes – From Kindergarten to 4th Grade
Large = Grows 5 sizes – From 5th Grade to 9th Grade. 
The Shoe is made with simple materials – leather, compressed rubber, and snaps.  No mechanical parts of gears to break.  They are easy to clean and easy to use.

Over 2 billion people, especially children whose feet grow out of shoes quickly, in the world suffer from soil-transmitted parasites and diseases and live in areas that do not have adequate sanitation. Many of these diseases and parasites get into the body because people don’t have shoes and having shoes that continuously fit their feet and protect them from disease is a win/win!

You can help these children by sending these shoes.  They have a "Fill A Duffle Bag" program that will send over 50 shoes in one bag.  Please click HERE to read more.

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