Baby's Beach Day!

Summer will be here before we know it and it's time to start planning all the gear you'll need for that little swanky baby of yours. put together a list of the items you might want to have and I found these fun and baby safe items on Amazon for you to check out. 

The UPF 50+ cabana pops up and folds down in seconds, protecting baby's skin from 98% of UV rays. It keeps little ones cool, with airflow panels and a ventilated roof. It also has roll-down privacy shades, storage pockets, and ground stakes.

Babiators - $31.05
Babiators sunglasses give kids the sun protection they need with 100% UVA and UVB protection lenses. Their aviator frames are made of 100% rubber, so they’re flexible, you can twist or flatten or bend them, and they’ll still return to their original shape! Their lenses are also impact and shatter-resistant.

Puddle Jumpers - $17.85
This life jacket is made from woven polyester and is designed for children between 30-50 pounds. It is Coast Guard approved and perfect for young child learning to swim

This blanket is easy to fold and compact.  You can unfold the cooler bag, which holds food and drink, and convert it to a compact messenger/cooler bag.  You can carry the blanket or convert it to a backpack.  It is machine washable, durable and has a water-resistant canvas backing.

These sunsuits have UPF50+ sun protection which blocks 98% of all harmful UVA and UVB rays.  .  They are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable.   They also have flat lock stitching to prevent rubbing against skin, which kids really love.  It also has an easy open front zipper with protection flap.

This PABA free sunblock is non-chemical and fragrance-free sunblock stick. It employs a highly micronized, non-whitening titanium dioxide that scatters and reflects dangerous UV rays, offering UVA-UVB broad-spectrum protection. It glides on smoothly for easy application.

This kids' swim vest, which fits ages 2-4, slips easily over swimsuits, and the buckled anchor strap keeps it in place. Allows kids to paddle freely, yet still feel secure. Provides a full 360 degrees of floatation, building water confidence as kids learn to swim. Swim tube inflates by mouth in 2 minutes and the safety strap adjusts for comfort.

Pop-up pool: $69.98
This sturdy vinyl pop-up play place can be used as a pool, ball pit, sandbox, and more. Its protective sunshade will pop up to protect kids from the sun's rays, so it's perfect for play all day. Take it with you and play anyplace-just pop it in the car in its convenient carrying case.

10 Things NOT To Say To A New Mom

While reading The Stir at I came across this fun list of things NOT say to a new mom.  I not only laughed at all of these, but I related to many of them. I bet you will too, so I had to share this list (and their comments) with you all! Enjoy!

1. OMG! He/she looks just like your husband! We know. Zip it.

2. I lost all my baby weight in the hospital. There is simply no civil response to a statement like this.

3. Breast is best, you know. Yes, we're aware of that. Mind your own damn business.

4. You look exhausted. No shit.

5. Awwww, did you really want a boy/girl (whichever one you didn't end up with)? Yes! And fortunately babies come with an exchange policy, so we're expecting to trade her in any day!

6. You sure have your hands full! Why, yes, yes we do. Want to lend one of yours?

7. She needs a hat. So do you. On your mouth.

8. He's/She's so small/big/long/short/thin/fat. In what world are these observations welcome?!

9. My baby was sleeping all night every night from birth. Well, then how about you come and sleep-train mine?

10. When are you having the next one?

Do any of these sound familiar? Do you have any other Not To Say Questions to add to this list?  Please share!

Prettiest Girl Names Decided By Moms

PopSugar Moms asked moms to share what they thought were the prettiest girls names and here are the results...

Pretty Girl Names Inspired by Nature
Violet, Lily, Willow, Jasmine, FloraOliviaIvy, Holly, HyacinthDaisy, Saffron, Rosemary, Amber, Ruby, PearlIvory, and Jade, Brooke, RayneAurora, Dawn, Savannah, Luna, Summer, Autumn, WinterJanuary, April, Mae, and June.

Glamorous Pretty Girl Names
Scarlett, Audrey, Bridgette, PenelopeAva, Marilyn, Victoria, Vivian, or Valentina.

Pretty Girl Names Starting With "A" 
Arianna, Abigail, Angelina, Amelia, Avery, Ava, Aubrey, Aria, Ashlynn, and Athena.

Pretty French Girl Names
Genevieve, Amélie, Mathilde, Aurelie, Giselle, Sophie, Josephine, Juliette, Odette, and Colette.

Ending With "La"
Layla, Willa, Isla, Lila, Arabella, Jayla, and Delilah.

Ending with "Ee" Sounds
Hailey, MacKenzie, Leilani, Bree, and Zoe.

Pretty Place Names For Girls
Dakota, Brooklynn, Sydney, Ireland, Paris, LondonCharlotte, Florence, Alexandria, Aspen, Eden, Carmel, Sicily, Vienna, Sahara.

Pretty Irish Girl Names
QuinnFiona, Teagan, and Kiera.

Pretty Middle Names For Girls
RoseGrace, Marie, PaigeElizabeth, EmmaLynn, and Rae. 

Baby Old Wives Tales

Have you ever been given advice and thought, that has to be an old wives tale.  No one actually does or believes that!  Here are some old wives tales from about raising babies that will definitely make you laugh.  I did!

Turn Your Outie Belly Button Into an Innie
If your baby has an "outie" push the stub in with an egg and tape a quarter or silver dollar to the belly button and bury the egg. In a week, take the money off and the baby will have an innie.

Bathe Your Baby in Guiness
Bathe your baby in Guiness Stout to help nourish his skin.
Don't Let Your Baby Look in the Mirror
Never let a baby under 1 year old see his reflection--it will take his soul.
Whipping Egg Whites For Better Bones
If you whip egg whites to a foam and rub it on your babies ankles and knees it will make their bones stronger and they will walk sooner.
Your Baby's Future
To learn about your baby's future, place books, few coins and a bottle in front of him. If he reaches for the books - he'll be a scholar. If he reaches for the coins - he'll be wealthy. If he reaches for the bottle - he'll be a drunk.
Burn That Diaper
Burn the first dirty diaper, and the child will have no stomach cramps.
Put Baby in the Rain
A fretful child can be calmed by holding her out in the rain for a few minutes.
Manure in the Baby's Shoes
To make a child grow tall, put manure inside the baby's shoes.
Blow Smoke in a Baby's Ear
Blow smoke in a baby's ear to put him to sleep.
Do you have any old wives tales? Please share with us!

Independence Day Clothing

A company called Independence Day have created a clothing line for those who live with autism.  Many living with autism might have challenges getting dressed due to buttons, zippers, and tags and Independence Day wants to help with that. 

Their clothing is made of lycra, spandex and other stretchable material so they are sensory-soft and yet sturdy.  They have removed laces, buttons, zippers, tags and any bulky seams. Their collars are a bit wider and the waistbands are a little looser, so putting their clothes on isn't a problem. To make their clothing even better, everything can be worn inside and out and frontward or backward.

Their clothing has sewn in compartments so parents can add a personal tracking device.  Independence Day is also committed to being safe and staying safe, and because some children with autism may wander off, they will also give away personal tracking devices for free.

Their clothing is made in the USA, they pre-washed fabric so it will not shrink.  It is all machine washable and their fabrics  are made with organic and natural fibers.

Please visit their website to read more about them and shop!  They're also having a sale in April for Autism Awareness month.

St. Patrick's Day Baby Names

If you can't go out and celebrate St. Patricks Day because you are too busy having a baby, you may want to consider some of these baby names for this fun holiday!  These Irish names were found from

  1. Ashling – Irish for vision
  2. Maeve – Old Irish for cause of great joy
  3. Finola – Irish for fair shouldered
  4. Maire – Irish for the Blessed Mother
  5. Colleen – Irish for girl
  6. Siobhan – Irish form of Joan meaning God is gracious
  7. Clodagh – Name of an Irish River named for female deity                           
  8. Iona – Irish associated this with the word blessed
  9. Niamh – Irish for bright and radiant
  10. Darcy – Irish for dark haired
  1. Patrick – Latin for noble, Padric is the Irish variant
  2. Sean – Irish form of John, meaning gift from God
  3. Grady – Irish surname, used as first, means renowned
  4. Colin – Irish for little chieftain
  5. Seamus – Irish form of James
  6. Aedan – Irish diminutive for fire
  7. Dillon – Irish for flash of lightening
  8. Ronan – Irish from a seal
  9. Liam – Irish form of William
  10. Desmond – Irish for one from Desmond

Designer Hospital Gowns

If you are starting to pack your hospital bag for the big day, you may want to add a pretty hospital gown to wear when greeting all your visitors.  Although their eyes may be on the new baby!

Here are a few companies who offer gowns that may be a bit prettier than the ones the hospital offers. 

Pretty Pushers
Pretty Pushers labor gowns are one-size-fits-most, composed of 100% cotton stretch jersey. Their idea is that you wear it then dispose of it.

I Dream of Sushi Labor & Delivery Gown - $22.00


dearjohnnies offers gowns, robes and blankets.  They have a few celebrity customers too!

The Coco gown is $72.00

The Lola robe is $80.00

Gownies offers 100% cotton gowns in 20 different colors and patterns. They cost $29.00- $49.00

This is the Flower print gown
This is the Leah gown

What You'll Miss About Being Pregnant

Katie, a writer on, realized as she is about to welcome her baby to the world she is going to miss a few things being pregnant.  Here she lists what she will miss and I bet you will agree with most of them.

1. Baby Kicks -  Only you know what it really feels like when he moves. Only you can feel the little stretches and flutters. It is sad that you won't have this private relationship once he is born. It is only you who knows what makes him go crazy or that he gets hiccups constantly while growing in your belly.

There is nothing more
comfortable than maternity
yoga pants.
2. Maternity Clothes - Pants with elastic waists. Pants without buttons. Dresses without zippers. It's like a dream wardrobe!!

3. Naps - With pregnancy fatigue comes a renewed interest in sleeping during the day and you never ever have to justify it. Someone questions your nap? Just point at your belly. Winner. Every single time.

4. Compliments - When you're not pregnant, it's rare that people comment on your appearance, but once you're pregnant you're "so cute" and you "look so great" and even people you don't know stop to ooh and ah at you. Most will miss those compliments, especially when you are no longer pregant and just awkwardly bloated.

5. Cravings - The thing about pregnancy is, when you find the one food you desperately want, it is the most delicious thing you've ever eaten. No food is as ever as good as it is when you're pregnant.

What did you miss from being pregnant? 

Streaming Memories with #Cube Giveaway

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Spring is just around the corner and what better way to kick-off the growing season than with a mega garden giveaway! 

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Hot Baby Gadgets in 2015

There are always new baby gadgets coming out that make you wish you had it too. Some of these gadgets are new concepts or some are updated versions with new functions. Either way, they are great! If you are pregnant, here is a chance to add these to your registry! (These items can all be found on

Now supports blue-tooth controls with any smart device, iOS or Android. It has 5 unique motions (car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock a bye, ocean) and 5 speeds, 5 built in sounds and is MP3 compatible. The adjustable seat reclines and the removable toy balls and seat are machine washable.

The Mimo Onesie sends your baby's sleep, body position, and breathing data in real-time to your smartphone or tablet. Sensors on the onesie read your baby's breathing patterns, and the snap-on Turtle senses movement, body position, and skin temperature.
iSwimband is the world's first wearable sensor that notifies you immediately via your smart device if a swimmer has been submerged dangerously long or if your non-swimmer unknowingly enters the water.  They have a wristband, headband or goggle straps that will notify your smartphone if your swimmer remains submerged for a preset period of time.
The Doona is an infant car seat with integrated wheels, enabling you to click  your car seat out of your car, pop out the wheels with a button, and push your baby around easily. It can hold babies from 4-35 pounds and will soon be certified for air travel, making traveling through the airport easier than ever. No more checking in a stroller, you'll have it on the plane seat!

Get a Better Night's Sleep Giveaway

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Valentine's Day Inspired Baby Names

If you are expecting a baby this week and would like to have a Valentine's Day themed baby name, here is a fun list from  I wonder how many parents actually "theme name" their baby after the holiday they were born on or around?  Did you name your baby with a holiday themed name?

1. Valentina – Latin for strong and healthy

2. Rose – Latin for the flower

3. Violet – Latin for purple

4. Amy/Amie – French for beloved

5. Carys – Welsh for love

6. Ruby – English for red gemstone

7. Adora – Greek for adored

8. Juliet – Latin for youthful, romantic character from Romeo and Juliet

9. Yedida – Hebrew for beloved

10. Belle – French for beautiful


1. Valentino – Latin for love

2. Romeo – Italian origin for citizen of Rome, romantic character from Romeo and Juliet

3. Beau – French for handsome, sweetheart

4. Eros – Greek for love

5. Doved – Hebrew for dove

6. Philo – Greek for love

7. Ehud – Hebrew for love

8. Cullen – Irish and Gaelic for good looking

9. Adonis – Greek for handsome

10. Thaddeus – Aramaic for heart

Best Bassinets of 2014

BabyGearLab put eight bassinets through months of testing and now they have their favorites. Each bassinet was rated individually on the following criteria: ease of set up, health and safety, ease of use, quality and portability.   (Reasons listed for the winners are from BabyGearLab)
Here are the top 3 bassinet winners:

Editors’ Choice Award for best overall product went to the BabyBjorn Cradle.
BabyGearLab felt BabyBjorn went above and beyond national safety standards to help insure
baby is sleeping in an environment that is as clean and free of harmful substances as possible. 
That combined with classic styling and ease of use, really allowed this bassinet to
shine compared to the competitors.


Earning the Best Value Award was the Arm’s Reach Mini Arc Co-Sleeper
This is a sturdy and versitile bassinet can be used bedside as a co-sleeper, or as a stand-alone bassinet and has a manageable price-point.


Top Pick for use by a mother recovering from
They found the swiveling “nest” of the bassinet and the ability to easily lower the side rail and reach baby from bed added both comfort and convenience to those early days at home with baby.
Did you have any of these bassinets? We had the Arms Reach Mini Arc Co-Sleeper and really liked it! A full review of the bassinets can be found HERE.



Children's Book Winners of 2015

Looking for some new books to add to your child's library?  The American Library Association announced the winners of the 2015 Newbery, Caldecott, Printz, Coretta Scott King and other youth media awards and I have listed them here for you.  Happy reading!

John Newbery Medal for most outstanding contribution to children's literature
Honor books:
-"El Deafo," written and illustrated by Cece Bell
-"Brown Girl Dreaming," written by Jacqueline Woodson

Randolph Caldecott Medal for the most distinguished American picture book for children
"The Adventures of Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend," illustrated and written by Dan Santat
Honor books:
-"Nana in the City," illustrated and written by Lauren Castillo
-"The Noisy Paint Box: The Colors and Sounds of Kandinsky's Abstract Art," illustrated by Mary GrandPré and written by Barb Rosenstock
-"Sam and Dave Dig a Hole," illustrated by Jon Klassen
-"Viva Frida," illustrated and written by Yuyi Morales
-"The Right Word: Roget and his Thesaurus," written by Jen Bryant and illustrated by Melissa Sweet
-"This One Summer," illustrated by Jillian Tamaki and written by Mariko Tamaki

Coretta Scott King awards for an African-American author and illustrator
Illustrator award: Christopher Myers for "Firebird," written by Misty Copeland
Honor books:
-Illustrator Christian Robinson for "Josephine: The Dazzling life of Josephine Baker," written by Patricia Powell
-Illustrator Frank Morrison for "Little Melba and Her Big Trombone," written by Katheryn Russell-Brown
-Author Kwame Alexander for "The Crossover"
-Author Marilyn Nelson for "How I Discovered Poetry," illustrated by Hadley Cooper
-Author Kekla Magoon for "How It Went Down"

Margaret A. Edwards Award, for an author's significant and lasting contribution to young adult literature

Sharon M. Draper for- "Tears of a Tiger," "Forged by Fire," "Darkness Before Dawn," "The Battle of Jericho," "November Blues" and "Copper Sun."

Pura Belpre awards for a Latino writer and illustrator whose children's books best portray, affirm and celebrate the Latino cultural experience
Illustrator: Yuyi Morales for "Viva Frida"
Author: Marjorie Agosin for "I Lived on Butterfly Hill," illustrated by Lee White
Honor books:
Illustrator Susan Guevara for "Little Roja Riding Hood," written by Susan Middleton Elya
Illustrator John Parra for "Green is a Chile Pepper," written by Roseanne Greenfield Thong
Author Juan Felipe Herrera for "Portraits of Hispanic American Heroes"

There are many other book winners.  Please click HERE to see them all!

Children Books About Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

This Monday we celebrate and honor the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  I listed
a few books for your kids to help them understand the important role he played
in the civil rights movement.

                                         Age Range: 4 - 8 years   Grade Level: Preschool - 3

Age Range: 2 and up
Age Range: 5 and up
Age Range: 4-10
        I Have a Dream (Book & CD)      
                   Grade Level: Kindergarten - 12       

The Play Kids Giveaway!

Welcome To The Play Kids Giveaway!
Hosted By
PlayKids is redefining the way parents tackle playtime and more through a unique mix of eBooks, shows, activities and lullabies. Since launching last year it has expanded to 26 countries, becoming the #1 app in 20.
Play Kids is an app for children five years and younger with Caillou, SuperWhy, Monster Math Squad, Fishtronaut, Bo on the Go, Poku, Danny & Daddy, Heroes of the City and many other cartoon series for your kid. The app also have educational games like a magic piano, memory cards, coloring and organizing your toys and it’s easy for them to navigate all on their own.
Parents love it because it offers a breadth of educational and entertaining activities unlike any other offering. This app will keep your child entertained for hours at a time!
With offline video playback, it’s every parent’s secret educational and entertainment weapon on those long car rides or trips. The Play Kids app will be your best friend all year around!
You can check out the official YouTube video and see just how great it is! You can thank me later!
This giveaway will run from 1/17 - 1/30. Two winners! Each winner will win a six (6) month subscription to the Play Kids App.
Have fun and good luck!

Disclosure: All About Parents is sponsoring this giveaway. All About Parents will be contacting the winner via email. The winner will have 24 hours to claim their prize or another winner will be drawn. The winner will be drawn randomly via Giveaway tools. No other participating blogger is responsible for drawing or awarding the prize. No purchase necessary. 18 year or older required to enter. U.S and Canada only. Void where prohibited by law. This giveaway is strictly intented to be fun. Thank you very much for participating! If you should have any questions please feel free to contact All About Parents anytime.

PayPal To A New Year Cash Giveaway!

Welcome to the PayPal To A New Year Giveaway!

~Hosted By~

This giveaway will run from 1/16 - 1/30 at 10:00 PM EST. The winner will first be contacted via email then announced on the giveaway tool. Winner will have 24 hours to respond to the email with their information or a new winner will be drawn.
We hope you had a wonderful New Year and what better way to ring in the New Year than with a giveaway!
I know we love giveaways!

Now Let's Do It!

Disclosure: All About Parents is sponsoring this giveaway. All About Parents will be contacting the winner via email. The winner will have 24 hours to claim their prize or another winner will be drawn. The winner will be drawn randomly via Giveaway tools. No other participating blogger is responsible for drawing or awarding the prize. No purchase necessary. 18 year or older required to enter. U.S and Canada only. Void where prohibited by law. This giveaway is strictly intented to be fun. Thank you very much for participating! If you should have any questions please feel free to contact All About Parents anytime.
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